Referral fees list and amounts

To provide services you are not currently offering to your customers that are related to plumbing allowing you to make money with referral fees that include:


1-    Water Damage, Clean-Ups

As high as $700 on 1st call. We have a list of providers offering this service you never get less than $500 & fees can go as high as $1000.

We work with multiple providers so we can offer you 1 or 2 hours windows of service while you are still at the job sites making the sales/referral process simpler or consolidated.

2-    Repipe Referral fees

Up to $250 for repipes that sell at 6,999 or less,

 $375 for repipe that sell at $7000 to $8499 and

$500 flat rate for repipes $8,500 and up

3-    Slab Leaks Flat rate payment of

 $150 for invoiced jobs over $1000 and

$100 for jobs under $999


4-    Too busy to handle excess calls or don’t want to miss appointments? Send us your job details so other plumbers in network can make the calls and they will do the same for you, (must be paid service call-not valid for free estimate type jobs)

5-    Self employed and not busy enough, waiting for the phone to ring?

Earn $1,000's weekly making for up to 50% commission on labor

6-    Plumbers and technicians need a fresh start?

Up  to $2,000 sign on bonus or benefits of equal value.

 Lots of employees looking for you locally. Immediate start for eligible individuals.


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